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EMGS visits OCEEMlab

Updated: Jan 11

OCEEMlab were delighted to host our friends from EMGS on September 01, 2023. Thank you for visiting us Dag Helland-Hansen and Friedrich Roth! It was an excellent day of sharing mutual ideas and discussions.

EMGS and OCEEMlab team enjoying an Austin Beer. Clockwise: D. H-Hansen, F. Roth, T. Wass, E. L. Parker, D. Sherman, and E. Attias

Link to the recording of EMGS talk at UTIG's Special Seminar:

EMGS unconstrained TTI 3D Gauess-Newton CSEM inversion

Unconstrained TTI 3D Gauess-Newton CSEM inversion co-rendered with seismic reflection. (a) Parallel resistivity. (b) Normal resistivity.



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