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OCEEMlab welcomes Kerry Key and Saikiran Tharimena to our Scientific Advisors

OCEEMlab is thrilled to announce the addition of two eminent figures to our distinguished scientific advisors - Kerry Key and Saikiran (Sai) Tharimena. Their profound expertise in geophysics and extensive research experience enhance our lab's capability to study intricate lithosphere-biosphere dynamics processes.

Kerry Key has revolutionized marine electromagnetic imaging with his tenure at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. His pioneering work in computational modeling and inversion algorithms has enhanced our understanding of Earth's subsurface.

Sai Tharimena, renowned for his seismology and numerical modeling expertise, has distinguished himself in developing AI architectures. Currently, as a lead AI strategist, Sai is at the intersection of AI technology and geophysical application, driving the integration of AI in geoscience.

Together, Kerry and Sai bring a wealth of knowledge to OCEEMlab. Their appointments underscore our commitment to advancing marine electromagnetic geophysics through innovative instrument development and interdisciplinary collaborative research.

Welcome to OCEEMlab's team, Kerry and Sai!



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